Say hello to Otis, your new Pupstar!

Otis is lying on floor with some toysOtis is our new Pupstar, and he is so proud to be the face of all Blind Foundation guide dog puppies in training over the next year.

He knows there will be so much to learn. And it could take up to two years to get there. But thanks to you, this eager little Pupstar is doing everything he can to become a life-changing guide dog.

Otis is laying on grassOtis is now living with his puppy raisers, the amazing people who volunteer to love and care for a guide dog puppy in their home during the first 12-18 months.

He is getting to know his new family, including their much-loved cat and guinea pig. He’s learning he must be kind to his new furry siblings, but he’s yet to decide if his favourite toy, a stuffed chicken called Bok Bok, should be chewed up or slept on.

Otis will learn so much over the coming year and we’ll keep you up-to-date with his progress.