How Fletcher gave Petronella the mobility she craved

Petronella will always remember how devastated she was when she started losing her sight. But after reaching out to Blind Low Vision NZ for help, she was able to embrace so many of the services that helped her regain her confidence and independence.

Petronella lives in Christchurch and it’s only with guide dog Fletcher by her side that she has been able to navigate all the landscape changes as they work to rebuild her city:

“Fletcher is my second guide dog and like Winnie, my first dog, he is such an incredible part of my life. I put my complete trust in him. With the city constantly changing I wouldn’t be as active and safe as I am without him by my side.

“With Fletcher I can actually get out the door. He stops at kerbs, he finds traffic poles and can walk the long distances to get me to my destination. He’s a remarkable dog.

“I hope that I can encourage people that you can do the things you want to do and get on with life after vision loss – anything is possible!”

“I wouldn’t have been as independent as I am today without the support of Blind Foundation [now known as Blind Low Vision NZ] donors. Thank you … you have truly given me a life without limits.”