Guess what! I’m now back at the Guide Dog Centre for my next phase of training. While at home with my puppy raisers during the lockdown my amazing trainers from Blind Low Vision NZ provided lots of fun weekly boredom busters to keep me entertained and learning. One week I had to go through an obstacle course in the garden. There were big flapping things hanging off the clothesline and spinning wheels that were a bit alarming but I was very brave and went past them.


I’m looking forward to an exciting new career. I’m afraid that being a guide dog is just a bit much for me. Sometimes when I was wearing my red coat I was uncomfortable. I know that when you have the very important job of guiding people who are blind or have low vision you need to be confident no matter where you are. I’m ready for the next chapter. Perhaps I’ll help children with special needs or be a companion for older people. All I know is I can’t wait to use my skills to help someone!


I went to stay with a kind family during the COVID-19 shutdown and when I came back to the Guide Dog Centre I was proud I remembered all my guiding tasks. I can now find the counter or a chair or other things when my trainer asks me. I’m so awesome at it! I especially like looking for ways through obstacles and people to keep my handler safe. I do sometimes get a bit distracted by other dogs though. They smell so interesting. I’m going to have to work on ignoring though if I want to be a fully trained guide dog.


I just love everyone. I love looking for fun things to do, and I adore going out for walks. I like to walk very fast because there’s so much to see and do, so whoever is walking with me needs to like walking fast. I had to go back to the Guide Dog Centre for a while because I came into season for the first time, but now I’m back at training. Woof!