Are you ready for the latest adventures of your guide dogs in training? We have news to share on Ivan, Tori and little Lucas, who is growing so big, so fast!

Ivan loves getting out and about and has been visiting lots of coffee shops to become more comfortable with busy places and noise. Of course, there are also lots of lovely smells to ignore as well!

Tori is now about eight weeks into her formal guide dog training and doing very well learning about curbs, traffic and obstacles – all crucial skills when she meets her paw-fect match. She is working hard to manage dog distraction and keep up a steady walking pace for her entire training walk.

Lucas has such a happy personality! He loves to play, but he can be still, too – a very important skill. His puppy raiser family say he is very happy to greet them every morning, and his tail works overtime, waving around like a helicopter!

Sloan has graduated with flying colours, and will soon be a first time dad! All of Sloan’s final assessments went perfectly and he is now officially one of our Breeding Stock guide dogs. It’s an honour reserved only for the very best who show every one of their amazing qualities needed to become the ideal Breeding stock guide dog. Well done to Sloan, and his loving puppy raiser family, who helped Sloan along the way in his journey. We’ll keep you posted on the delivery of puppies next edition, how exciting!