When these puppies grow up they want to be life-changing guide dogs. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

Neve sit on grass with Clarke Gayford
Our thanks goes to Woman’s
Day for this gorgeous photo of
Neve and Clarke. ©Woman’s
Day/Bauer Media


Neve recently had a most excellent day when she got to meet TV presenter and ‘first bloke’ Clarke Gayford. Named in honour of our PM’s first child Neve, our four-legged Neve was thrilled to know she shares a gentle and kind personality with her namesake.

When not spending time with her famous friends, Neve loves to go out and is always ready by the front door when her lead comes out. Recently she took a ferry ride to the city, where she helpfully cleaned all the passengers’ toes, before taking a long walk and heading home again. Being a Labrador, she has discovered the water, which she loves!

Pia wears red puppy coat and sit on the floorPia

We’re delighted to share that Pia continues to do all the right things for her age. When she’s out in her red training coat she’s learning to have very good manners. And to sit patiently and quietly in places like cafes. Pia’s also doing well learning to stop at the kerb and cross the road safely. Well done Pia!

Millie wears red puppy coat and sit on the floorMillie

Millie’s puppy raisers tell us she’s growing so fast and her legs are so long that she looks like a giraffe. She needs lots of food to keep up with all that growing. Millie continues to learn and recently visited the local hospital where she got lots of pats from the doctors, nurses and patients. It was lovely to make people smile.

Vesper wears red puppy coat and sit on the floorVesper

You may remember guide dog puppy Hazel from earlier issues of Pupdate. Hazel was such an outstanding puppy that she went on to become part of our breeding stock. Vesper is one of the puppies from her very first litter. Welcome Vesper! We’re so proud of your mum Hazel and it’s extra special to now follow you on your journey to hopefully become a guide dog