Dog Squad Puppy School, a spin-off series from the hugely popular Dog Squad TV show, follows the footsteps of the adorable pups training for some of our country’s most elite dog jobs – including Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs.

It premieres on Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm on TVNZ 1 and will be available on TVNZ On Demand.

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Rochelle Corrigan, Puppy Placement and Development Manager, gives us a behind the scenes insight behind the filming.

1. What was your role during the filming of Dog Squad Puppy School?

I organised which pups and puppy raisers would be filmed and what location/event they would be filmed in. I also completed some puppy visits and filled in any gaps in the pups stories so that each pups journey was complete at the end of the season.

2. The filming follows the journey from puppy to guide dog. What do you think employees or the public are going to be surprised to learn?

The amount of time, number of people and resources that are invested in each pup to try and get them to reach their potential of being a guide dog for one of our clients.

3. Are there any pieces of coverage you are most looking forward to watching?

Seeing one of the pups complete a walk with a blindfolded trainer at the end of her training. Getting the pups to the stage when they are qualified guides and going to be matched with our clients is what this job is all about.

4. Why do you think it’s important that this show was made?

Public awareness of our cause and one important message that we got to share is that working dogs should not be distracted. Our guide dogs perform a tough job of keeping our clients safe, and distractions can potentially be life threatening.

Thank you so much to our Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs team and our puppy raisers who braved the camera to raise awareness of our guide dogs services.

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