Vesper is training for greatness

Being a guide dog really takes something, but guide dog puppy Vesper passed his six month milestones with flying colours.

Vesper is still with his puppy raiser but he’s been visiting the Guide Dog Centre for assessment and group classes.

Here he passed his six month assessment which requires him to wear his red coat, walk through Remuera village, cross at the lights, go up and down stairs and settle beautifully under a chair in the local library. Well done Vesper!

Back at the Guide Dog Centre he was delighted to get together with some of his brothers and sisters for a group class and when the hard work was done, a well earned play is always a treat they like.

Best game –  Find my favourite toy!

Even for a guide dog puppy in training, play is an important part of how he learns about the world. Find my toy is Vesper’s favourite game at home.

His puppy raiser directs him to sit or stay, then hides his toy in the house or garden. When allowed to go fetch, Vesper hunts around looking for it and brings it back.

“You have to watch out though because he’s so smart, he’ll try and watch where you hide it,” says his puppy raiser.

Vesper is still discovering new things every day. He’s made friends with a cat, gone to the cinema, on a train, visited the  markets and lots of parks and cafes.

And to Vesper’s delight, Santa even got him a new tug toy for Christmas. Go Vesper.