Love, licks and learning in lockdown

For weeks we stayed safely at home and in the backyard. I spent lots of time playing with my favourite toy, a rubber ducky, but I really missed going out on walks.  My puppy raisers gave me lots of challenging things to try.  One week I learned to walk on different surfaces like slippery plastic and something called bubble wrap which was strange and sometimes made popping noises when I walked on it.

I’ve been practicing all my commands. Straightaway I know what to do if I’m told to ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand.  I am good at ‘wait’ but I have to work a bit harder when my puppy raiser says ‘stay’.  Sometimes there are such great smells and leaves floating past that I badly want to chase, but I am getting better every day.

I just love it when my red coat goes on

Whenever my puppy raiser picks up my red coat I know I’m in for something exciting.  And gosh it is so much fun to be out and about going to lots of places.  We visited the train station.  The big engine went really fast. I love going on adventures!

We’ve been going out for coffee, to a big shopping centre ahwere there are lots of people and interesting smells.  I’ve been learning to climb stairs.  I don’t mind concrete ones but th eons I can see through are a bit worrying

Best of all I’m starting to grow into my paws!

A woofy thank you

If I didn’t have you, there would be no way I could be trained so well and for so long that one day I can help look after someone who can’t see. Thank you for everything you do to help. Woof!