The world can be a scary and challenging place for a child with low vision.

But with your help, Tihlani is shining.

Tihlani was only three months old when her mum Carla noticed that her little girl’s eyes didn’t seem to focus and she wasn’t turning towards sound.

Tihlani’s eye condition was diagnosed as an under developed optic nerve.

At first her parents were overwhelmed with worry.

Will she be able to colour in pictures or write her name?  Will she learn to read or go to school?

But not long after Tihlani’s diagnosis, Carla received a call from Blind Low Vision NZ.

With your help you are making it possible for this little star to shine. Tihlani continues to practice her braille and mobility in preparation for starting school.

Thank you for your generous support for Tihlani and other children who are blind or have low vision.

You’re helping children with vision loss to shine brighter.