Here are some more paw-some adventure stories from our gorgeous puppies-in-training, all made possible by you!

Ivan is now 11 months old and growing fast! He is very confident walking around the supermarket and such a clever boy – he has learnt to duck down under the entry barriers to get through, as he is now so tall!

We are excited to introduce you to little Paxton – isn’t he the cutest! First born of gorgeous guide dog breeding stock, Sloan, he has the softest, fluffiest coat. Paxton’s now settled in with his puppy raiser family, and made friends with his big new dog friend, Danny. He loves to roll in the long grass, play tug-o-war and jump on his favourite toy, a blue rubber goose.

As you know, every one of our puppies works really hard to go into the big wide world as a guide dog, but sometimes, like Lucas, their individual personality is not quite suitable to guide someone through life. A beautiful, gentle dog, Lucas will now become the most amazing pet for a family who will give him the extra love he needs, so he can live a long, happy, stress-free life.

This is also the case for lovely Tori. She worked so hard and tried her best, but she has a very special personality and is best suited for a different career. There are so many ways our incredible guide dog training can be applied to help people in need in the community, so Tori is now with a loving family, waiting to be adopted by her fur-ever friend, possibly as a talented therapy dog. Lots of hugs and wags to beautiful Tori.