Sloan is a busy, energetic puppy. He’s growing fast and loves his big morning and evening walks.

His days are quieter now after an active summer holiday and all the puppy raiser children back at school. He enjoys the peace but bounces with excitement when the children get home after 3 pm.

Sloan knows that as soon as his lead and red coat appear he will be off for an adventure and can’t help but let his enthusiasm show. He visits the school and the supermarket and has had trips to the hardware store and even a bus trip.

For all his energy he still loves a good snuggle with his soft toys. His favourite chew toy is a chicken flavoured Nyla bone.



Tori is already a well-travelled puppy. She’s visited everything from a speedway and stock cars to the beach, cafes and a quilting group. She’s extremely sociable and according to her puppy raisers, “everyone loves her”.

Tori loves learning and is picking up her new commands quickly. She settles well under the table when she’s out and is apparently very patient.

She loves playing with other puppies. Tilly, one of her siblings, came to stay and they had a wonderful time. On Thursdays she meets other guide dogs in the King’s Gardens for a play.

Tori’s favourite treat in the hot weather is a kibble ice block and frolicking in the paddle pool. Her kitten, adored by Tori, still follows her everywhere.



Fergus, your 2020 Pupstar, is happy at home with his bestie Yoshi and pal Teddy.

And he’s started school – human school. His puppy raiser has part time work as a teacher’s aide and Fergus goes along too. The school principal commented on how lovely it was to have Fergus at school bringing joy to students and staff. Good on you Fergus.

He loves working with his red coat on and is shaping up well in his training.

Fergus is showing how well he’s doing, by settling well while at the school and learning his commands. He’s growing up to be a truly handsome fellow and he adores posing for photos.



Utah is learning some good manners on the lead and concentrates more now that he is older.

In the hot weather he adored a cool off swimming in the dam on the farm and his favourite play is a good splash about in the water.

He goes to the office most days and has visited the hairdresser and had a school visit.