York has grown so much and no longer looks like a little puppy (but he’s still feeling and acting like one when he’s playing). York has grown unusually tall and gentlemanly with a beautiful glossy coat. It’s hard to believe he’s not yet a year old.

York is a gentle giant. “He doesn’t use his height and strength,” say his puppy raisers, “and he is a perfect gentleman on our walks”.

Lockdown reduced the options for his outings, but he still gets to enjoy his nearby beach.

His puppy raisers put him on a long leash so he can explore the rockpools – which he loves. He’s not keen on deep water but he doesn’t mind dipping his toes in and having a good sniff around.

At home York’s best friend is fellow guide dog puppy in training, Danny. When they’re not lazing around (which they especially like to do), the two of them can frequently be found playing ‘’ wildly around the yard.

Guide dog puppies at York’s age still have much to learn. The more they can be exposed to different environments and different experiences the more they adjust to coping with anything that comes along.

And every outing and interaction is a learning opportunity – learning to wait, to stop at the road, to respond to commands. Every activity is designed to build their skills, knowledge and confidence.

The way York is developing, his prospects look promising!