Meet York, your sweet little 2021 Pupstar, representing guide dog puppies in training for 2021.

York got a very warm welcome when every member of his puppy raiser family turned out to pick him up for his trip home.

After letting him sniff about and investigate York was introduced to his kennel mate, 14 month old Danny, another guide dog puppy in training.

Danny seemed absolutely delighted to have a puppy friend to play with, and York seemed happy to have another dog show him the ropes.

The two puppies love playing, running around together and playing tug-of-war then happily snuggle up together for a rest.

York still insists that his water bowl is a chew toy and carries it around in his mouth, spilling water along the way before dragging it back to the dog bed to give the bowl a good chew.

He’s proving to be a fast learner. He loves his food and will do anything for a treat, which makes him easy to train. He’s picking up his basic commands super quickly, which bodes well for his future learning.

York’s proving himself to be a sweet, attentive boy with a quiet, inner confidence.

Go York. And thanks to everyone who supports York’s training and breeding.