Accessible information for you

Being able to get the information you need when you need it is what accessible information is all about.

Blind Low Vision NZ Accessible Formats Service helps by providing information in a range of formats. For example read a braille or large print book, or listen to a human-narrated audio book.

Blind Low Vision NZ team can also help you produce accessible documents.

All about our braille services

Blind Low Vision NZ is New Zealand’s biggest producer of braille books as well as information in braille form. Our Library has a range of books available – this includes Twin Vision children’s books and we produce personal documents on request too.

Check out the Braille section to find out more about braille and how you can learn it.

While Blind Low Vision NZ produces all sorts of documents in braille, we would like to see braille more available in New Zealand.

Audio books with a human touch

Listening to books and magazines can be wonderful – especially when they are read by a human voice. The passion and inflection of a real voice can bring a book alive.

To give people access to quality, human-narrated audio books, Blind Low Vision NZ regularly records many books and magazines in its recording studio, to add to the library collection.

These audio recordings are available in a number of ways.  The most common outputs are Daisy 2.02 audio files, the Telephone Information Service or MP3 recordings. When listening to a DAISY 2.02 audio recording it is done on either a DAISY player, computer or mobile device.

Other written material can also be recorded for those who prefer to get their information this way. Any Blind Low Vision NZ client can make a request.

Large print reading

Sometimes a book with large, clear print is all you need to make the difference between reading and not reading. Blind Low Vision NZ produces large print books and other materials in 18, 24 and 36-point size type.  Adjustments are made to the print to make reading even easier, such as Arial font being used and extra spacing.

Request information in your preferred format

If you need personal materials such as unpublished documents, personal correspondence or small extracts from published works, we can help.

To request any document in braille, etext or any other format, get in touch with the Accessible Formats Coordinator on or 0800 24 33 33.